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Avoid the pitfalls and upgrade your computer to a pro

There are several reasons to upgrade. But we will pick one and it's because you "need to". How you define “need to” is very much a personal preference, there’s no way to put a hard number on it. You can’t say, “If I get a 5.11 in BenchMarkMark, I need to upgrade.” No, you need to determine your upgrade needs using everyday metrics like, “I will literally throw this PC through a window if this encode takes any longer,” or “I have literally aged a year watching my PC boot.” or " literally this pc is giving me headache" or “this software is taking time to load, because of low memory.”

Whether or not any of these pain points apply to you, only you can decide, and you need to.

Upgrading to a newer operating system is a must

we can also upgrade your PC’s operating system. If you have a really ancient PC, maybe you have an old Windows XP PC lying around, we can UPGRADE it to a newer or lightweight operating system on it to give it a new lease on life, whether Linux, windows, etc.

Old computers that came with Windows Vista can probably be speed up by updating them to the latest Windows OS. But you will be better served if you put money towards buying a newer, faster PC hardware.
Comnputer Upgrade