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Terms of Service.

This agreement is written to avoid Contract conflicts with you, our client and the organization, Nifomat.
Last Revision:  31/12/2016
Statements of Rights, Responsibilities and Conditions.
Our “statements”, “terms” or “SRRC” is from Our Principle and is our terms of Services that governs our relationship with you and other clients who do business with Nifomat, as well as Our Brands, Products and Services, which we may call the “Nifomat Services” or “Services”. By using Our Services, you agree to this Statement, as updated from time to time in accordance with section “12” below. Additionally, please bear in mind that this statement covers future Products and Service or services not in Our Service Listing.
Because Nifomat provides a wide range of services, we may ask you to review and accept supplement terms that apply to your interest with a specific Product or Service that we provide.
(i) Definitions:
1. “Our”, “US” or “WE” shall mean Nifomat.
2. “SRRC” means terms and condition, as stated above, which covers the entire document.
3. “Property” shall mean device or computer
4. “You” means client.
5. “Docs” shall mean file documents (e.g. exe, jpg, pdf, etc)
6. “”

1. General.
a. Each of our services are independent, we do not or shall not use another service as a supplement to a requested or specific product or service to meet a need or replacement.
b. Price is not negotiable, all prices are fixed price; except there is a review of service charge, and thus the price may change.
c. Do note that Our SRRC is subject to change at the expense of improving our services with or without your notice.
d. We do not refund money except after payment on the following conditions; but not limited to the given time of service delivery:
1. Product was damage before purchased.
2. Service was not completed.
3. Service was not fixed (e.g. system repairs)
e. Our computer repair price varies and different price will be given for different system condition.
f. Surcharge are not refundable.

2. Privacy.
Your privacy is very important to us. We do not disclose or share your information with anyone without your approval. To make important disclosure on how we collect and use your content and information on Nifomat, we encourage you to read our Data Policy below to help you make informed decisions on how your data is shared.

3. Safety.
Safety is a must, it is one of our pillars, what we stand on. It’s our principle, our way of doing things. We do our best to keep our client’s data’s safe while in a contract and after, not falling in wrong hands. We guarantee it.

4. Mobile Access and other Devices.
Our mobile APP is provided for free, but please be aware that your carrier’s browsing rate and fees may apply.

5. Payment.
(a) all payments must be made in full or 75% of the money been paid before commencing of work on any of our services including “web Design” but not limited to.
(b) The above payment condition does not apply to sell products. (E.g. electronics, and other hardware device)

6. About Advertisements and back-link placement.
We reserve the right to put a mini Link back to our web site or an illustration having our logo or trademark on a product or service we rendered or sold.

7. Computer Repairs and Maintenance
(a.) in Computer Maintaining; we have assume you have your files backed up to avoid any lose of data that may arise as a result of doing maintenance. Nevertheless we make sure your data is as it is when maintaining your System.
(a.1) Do note and bear in mind that we won’t be held responsible but you for any loss of data that may have occur as a result of negligence from you, whether we notice before or after maintenance.

(b.) on Boot Failure; please note that your computer or drive may still not start-up after giving to us for repairs, and if that should be the case, you will be informed.
(b1) please know that for computers that are faulty and not coming up, we won’t be held responsible for any form of data loss before it was given to us. In addition, we may need to carry out analysis before proceeding with repairs in most cases.
(b2) be assured that your property will be returned to you as it is whether fixed or not. In addition, we advise that you opt-in in our ‘Data Recovery’ service for faulty computers to secure your data, if need be.
(b3) in repairing, we ask that you brief us exactly what happened or caused the breakdown of the system we are repairing. Please keep in mind that you will be held accountable for any wrong information been provided to us by you regarding you device.
(b4) a surcharge of 1,000.00 (one thousand naira only) will be taken for analysis of system failure at the point of receiving your computer for repairs. Please note that surcharge are not refundable.

8. Data Backup and Recovery
(a) Backing up: you must verify or have a knowledge of your data before us, nevertheless we will do the same before backing up your property. Please note that we’ll not be held responsible for any loss of data that may be assumed after backup as a result of your negligence. In addition we’ll not handle faulty drives for backup.
(b) Recovery: some drive are faulty and at its dying (failing) stage may not come up again at one point. This behavior is common with faulty drives, so if we happen to receive such drive we’ll notify you before during analysis or before recovering, and if it fails during recovery, we’ll let you know and we won’t be held responsible for such failures, for it is bound to happen.
(b1) some Secure Digital cards (micro SD) and other related micro Storage may output some partial recovered file after recovery e.g. half picture, corrupted docs, but not limited to SD only. Some Hard Drives may display the same effect but only in rare cases. Please note that this is a norm that happens in many micro SD due to the nature of the drives data structure and not from us in the process of recovering your files.
(c) Requirements: you are required to provide a drive for your backup or recovery. We can provide for you a drive for your data backup or recovery operations only at your approval and it will cost you the prize of buying a new drive. This is important because we may not have the appropriate drive to contain your files at the time. In addition, please note that this does not apply to cloud backup. Please read more about our cloud service on our “Data backup and recovery” menu.
(d) Time and Duration: in data operations time is essential depending on the state and or capacity of the drive and medium used in data backup or recovery. The process may take up to 48hrs to delivery but not limited to.

9. System Diagnosis
the sum of 2,000.00 (two thousand naira only) will be charge for diagnosis. This fee must be paid before work, and it’s not refundable.

10. Unlocking
in pc/mobile unlocking there may be possible and unavoidable data loss. This is a norm due to device encryption, especially in mobile devices. Please keep that in mind, for we’ll not be responsible for any form of data loss as a result of unlocking your device. However we’ll use possible measures to avoid it.
(a) Theft is an issue we take seriously and will not tolerate any form of it if found in the process of unlocking a device brought to us. Furthermore, we may have to report such cases. Nevertheless we won’t be held responsible for any damage, loss of data or any issue that may arise afterward in the cause of unlocking such devices.
(b) You may have no or seldom file data corruption in PC unlocking as a result of encryption manipulation.
(c) You will or may lose your data’s in mobile unlocking.

11. Software Provision
(a) when you download and use our software, such as our mobile app or any Nifomat related software’s, you agree that from time to time, the software may download and install updates, upgrades and any additional features from us in order to improve, enhance our software development.
(b) Except permitted, you will not modify, create derivative works of Nifomat, decompile, or attempt to extract source code from any of our software.

12. Amendments (changes)
(a) Nifomat will not notify you directly before we make changes to these terms (SRRC) but will give you the opportunity to review and comments on the revised terms if you wish to continue doing business with us.
(b) When we make changes to terms and policies or guidelines referenced in this statement, Nifomat may provide notice on our website for you.
(c) note that, continued use of our services, following the notice of the changes to our terms, policies or guidelines means you agree or accept our amended terms, policies or guidelines

13. Termination
if you violate any terms in this statement, or create any possible legal exposure for us, we will instantly terminate any contract you have with us. In such case, this statement will not be effective and will be terminated.

14. Disputes
(a) if you have any issues (dispute) or claim, cause for an action arising or related to this Statement or any of our services, you must resolve it with us.
(b) If anyone brings a claim against us related to your actions, content or information on your website or service rendered by us to you, you will indemnify and hold us blameless and harmless from and against all damages, losses and expense of any kind (including reasonable legal fees and cost) related to such claim. We only work with approved information or content that have been provided to us by you. We are not responsible for any offensive, inappropriate, unlawful or otherwise objectionable content or information as provided by you, whether offline or online.

By using our services, you agree that we can collect and use such content and information in accordance with our data policy as amended from time to time. You may also want to review the DATA POLICY, which provide additional information about your use of our Services.
Terms of Service.